The Most Exciting, Engaging Classroom Is Everywhere You Need It To Be.

Imagine hands-on, interactive learning from any location you choose: your office - your home - on the road. You name it.

CLN's Wide Area Classroom™ is a multi-point network that connects students from around the globe with a live instructor and discussion leaders via the Internet, intranet, and Local or Wide Area Networks.

"Nothing Virtual About It!"

CLN's Wide Are Classroom™ Benefits:

  • Captures the interactive benefits of a "brick and mortar" classroom environment.

  • Connects students from around the globe with live instructors and discussion leaders in real-time.

  • Allows students to collaborate with each other -- anywhere in the world -- in real time!

  • Inspires friendly competition among students. Interactive quiz shows and scenarios get everyone involved.

  • Often times, traditional methods dictate that one employee receive training then return to his or her office to train co-workers. Concise 3 hour courses allow employees to participate in convenient learning activities.

  • Classes are held in a multi-point environment. Even passive students learn from the questions of others in the class.

  • Client confidential information is never discussed.

  • CLN technology provides 30 frame per second, broadcast quality video and audio to as many participants as necessary, whether it's five people in five locations...or 100 people in many locations.

CLN enables companies to provide training anywhere, at any time facilitating international and multiple time-zone spanning classes. CLN is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It's all made possible -- and cost-effective -- through innovative use of Internet technologies and the latest advances in modern broadcasting, delivered economically to suit your available technical requirements.

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