Lights. Camera. Learn!

Creative Learning Network

Forget about boring lectures.Say goodbye to tedious training sessions. And get ready for an exciting, entertaining, interactive, corporate learning experience.

Creative Learning Network combines video-conferencing and Internet technologies with interactive scenarios and a live instructor to create a powerful learning experience.

There's never been a better, more efficient and more cost-effective way to train & motivate personnel in the areas of software applications, evolving technology, new product rollouts, sales and management skills and more.

Talk Back To The Teacher

People learn better & faster when they're involved in the lesson. Creative Learning Network reaches out and engages students at every step. Students interact with live instructors and take part in hands-on exercises. No one just sits back and watches. Everyone gets involved ... and everyone learns!

Hands-on training is transmitted from our in-house, state-of-the-art studios to clients' desks, conference rooms and education centers via multipoint videoconferencing.

Classes are led by experienced instructors in real-time, both live and on demand. The result is a more effective and more powerful learning experience than any traditional or computer-based teaching method can deliver.

The Future Of Education -- On A Screen Near You!

CLN offers a number of benefits over conventional or stand alone CBT/WBT methods:

  • Increased ROI -- No time is lost and no travel expenses are incurred.

  • Easily Updated Content -- Live delivery of information guarantees that content is never static.

  • Rapid Development -- Our patent-pending E-Learning development tools, in the hands of our experienced producers, build your classes and all related materials faster than anything on the market.

  • Attention Grabbing -- People are used to watching TV or a movie for long periods. They can focus better on the screen than on an instructor at the front of a room.

  • The Best Instructors -- Since it takes only a handful of instructors to reach students all over the country, you can select the very best.

  • An Enriching Experience -- Students from multiple companies are often enrolled in the same course, creating a wide cross section of students and exposing them to people they don't interact with on a regular basis.

  • Higher Interest, Better Retention -- Interactive scenario-based edutainment makes learning more fun and more engaging.

  • Best of all -- IT'S LIVE! Students really turn on to Creative Learning Network!


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