Interactive Learning -- Completely Customized To Meet ALL Your Needs!

CLN's focus is on optimizing your learning. Our technology is so advanced that it is transparent.

We design your courses for delivery across a wide range of requirements, so students can take full advantage of your training programs whether they access them from a hotel room on the road or direct from your high-speed digital network.

The Right Technology.

CLN's Open Architecture approach ensures that the optimal technology is selected for each client's needs. Through our course development process, we identify the best delivery and content combination for every class.

If you've already invested in third-party training tools, we can easily customize our tools to integrate with your system.

CLN courses are delivered over the Internet, intranet, WAN, LAN, satellite or telephone lines and are adapted to end-users' available bandwidth.

A True Partnership.

Our expert Course Producers work closely with you to assure that all of your requirements, from the method of delivery to the content of the course are precisely accomplished.

The Producer will walk you step-by-step through our proprietary course-builder application, all the way to post-class delivery, when materials are automatically converted to learning reinforcement tools.

High Return On Investment.

Compared with traditional or stand alone CBT/WBT training, Creative Learning Network is more adaptable, reusable and cost-effective. Once a course is developed, it can be modified to meet changing needs, even while the course is being delivered!

CLN Tools

E-Learning Developer:

Our proprietary course-builder application streamlines the development process. The E-Learning Developer customizes reporting tools and outputs your lesson plan, class scripts, "edutainment" scenarios, interactive workbooks, printed materials and online examination database.

Electronic Registrar:

This innovative administration software enables you to easily manage your employees' accounts and track their progress. (If you choose, CLN can manage these accounts for you.) Either way, up-to-the-millisecond reporting is available. Every CLN Web Site is e-commerce enabled to facilitate registration and payment for classes or pay-per-learning (just-in-time training) as well.


CLN's E-Learning Development Suite Includes:

  • Course Builder Application
  • Script Writer
  • Lesson Plan Construction Set
  • Course Material Generator
  • Interactive Workbooks, Printed Materials
  • Learning Object Librarian
  • Object Developer
  • Searchable Index / Archive
  • Performance Evaluation Manager
  • Question Builder Interface
  • Quiz and Test Builder
  • Online Exam Delivery
  • User Customizeable Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Training Management Systems
  • Interactive Message Boards - Chat Facility
  • Integration of Third-Party Tools
  • Classroom Collaboration
  • Synchronous-to-Asynchronous Conversion


"People retain about 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear, and up to 80% of what they see, hear, and do simultaneously."

- from "Learning on and over the Internet" Lakewood Publication, 1997

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